APIOH: A Place In Our Hearts provides systems to memorialize our departed, recognize our achievers, and show gratitude to our donors — within an organization and globally.

APIOH MemorialsSM

APIOH Memorial Board

Make APIOH Memorials available to your organization and allow your members to share the memories of their departed. APIOH Memorials includes an interactive touchscreen display for viewing content within your organization and a web portal for viewing memorials globally.

APIOH Memorials is easy to administer from anywhere with an internet connection and is a great revenue generating tool.

Let APIOH Memorials help our departed occupy A Place In Our Hearts.

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Now available in our Schools & Community Centers version, which features the addition of a photo slideshow.


APIOH Donor Board

By adopting APIOH Donors, you will be able to properly recognize the generous contributions made to your organization. All your different fundraising campaigns will come to life on the APIOH Donors interactive touchscreen display. Donors can be highlighted not only for what they give, but also for who they are.

APIOH Donors is a wonderful way to say thank you. Let your donors know they occupy A Place In Our Hearts.

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