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About Us

APIOH is a company dedicated to creating an environment where organizations can provide their members the ability to respectfully honor the memory of a deceased family member, friend or associate. APIOH accomplishes this through the creation of an everlasting memorial to the deceased, the collection of eulogies, tributes, pictures and thoughts online and on DVD, remote participation in funeral services through webcasting, and the facilitation of genealogical searches through indexing of the deceased.

APIOH will not only make available information about our dearly departed, but will communicate notification of deaths and memorials on behalf of the organizations that were important to the deceased and their loved ones. Over time, APIOH will also become a repository of information and guidance associated with death and bereavement and will attempt to link individuals with other organizations, specialists or individuals that can help them cope with their losses. Our goal is to help organizations assist their membership to see through their loss of loved ones and acquaintances and focus on the lives those individuals lived.

We should not focus only on the names and dates of death of our loved ones and allow them to fade into anonymity. Let us create a memorial to them and share with others what these individuals meant to us in their lifetimes. Let us see their faces, hear their voice, and share what they mean to us now even after they have left us. Let them continue to occupy A Place in Our Hearts.

Contact us at 248-967-6000 or sales@apioh.net, or visit www.apioh.net