About Us

APIOH: A Place In Our Hearts, provides systems to memorialize our departed, recognize our achievers, and show gratitude to our donors — within an organization and globally.

APIOH is a company developed to improve on the sometimes archaic systems of recognizing those who have contributed to, or have been a part of, organizations like yours. Until now, recognition of those individuals has been in the form of a name, and for those that are deceased, a date of death. Now, through APIOH, your organization will be able to include much more information about those individuals for presentation both within your organization and around the world.

Recognition and tributes are not meant to be momentary. They are meant to be available for reflection in the future. Posting a name of an individual with limited information satisfies the short term goal of recognition, but falls short of leaving a meaningful legacy for those who come across the tribute at a later time. There are likely very few individuals in many organizations that can recognize with certainty the names of even a small percentage of those recognized on their hallway walls. Even the memory of those that are recalled will likely be vague. Introduce a way that your members can provide more information and pictures, and all those individuals who are fading into anonymity will reemerge with clarity.

APIOH, through its array of web based recognition systems (APIOH Memorials, APIOH Donors and APIOH Life Events) helps organizations and their members appreciate or recognize others in a way that will provide others clearer information about those being recognized: Include photos of life events and biographies to acquaint others with the individuals being presented. Don’t just call out their names; paint a picture of the lives. Let the events you are signifying gain significance. Let those visiting know why it is important for us to present these individuals to them and why it is beneficial for them to visit.

APIOH — Connecting people through the ages.