APIOH MemorialsSM

APIOH Memorial Board

Make APIOH Memorials available to your organization and allow your members to share the memories of their departed.


  • Personalized biographies, memorials, and pictures allow members of an organization to properly honor their deceased family members and friends.
  • Interactive touchscreen display at an organization's location (with screen sizes starting at 32 inches).
  • All content is viewable from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and can be easily linked to from an organization's website.
  • Allows an organization to either enhance or replace its existing memorial plaques.
  • Keeps an organization and its members close by storing and presenting valuable information about loved ones that could otherwise be lost.
  • Easy web-based administration.
  • Generates revenue for an organization through sponsorship opportunities and content sales.

Contact us at 248-967-6000 or sales@apioh.net for more information.